Joe Crouch is a crusty mollusc with delusions of grandeur and pretensions of artistic endeavour. His tea is served between two and four. He tweets, infrequently @Grost and Instagrams his food @Sourcrouch.

Rob Lindsay should have given up and got a proper job by now, but he hasn’t. An embittered ex-projectionist ; writing for The Werd,  Suppressing Fire and The Medway Jellyfish. His apathy knows no bounds. You can find him on Twitter @Bigbeat1985, but he probably won’t reply.

Brad Harmer-Barnes is a writer for Miniature Wargames, Fortress Ameritrash, and other publications, as well as The Werd.  He likes Gatorade, fish and chips and Twinkies.  You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @realbradhb.