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Werd Bugger – The Argumentcast : Episode 9 “Should authors finish what they’ve started?”

In the 9th episode of the official podcast of The Werd; Werd Bugger is back, and this time, we’ve gone all booky. 

You love books right? Good. This episode is about books. And in particular, the people who write them. Today, we discuss the extent to which an author owes it to their fans, to finish their ongoing stories.

Joe & Rob duke it out on whether writing is a profession, and therefore accountable to the same standards normal jobs receive, authors at their lowest ebb, fighting the crush of an impending deadline, and much more.

Click the link below to listen to the episode.

“Werd Bugger” The Argumentcast – “Werd Bugger” The Argumentcast – “Should authors finish what they’ve started?”

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P.s. Here’s the accompanying photo of George R. R. Martin we were staring at during recording. We love you George, keep on truckin’!


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