WERD/ART – Power Rangers Character Posters

As most people probably are – unless blinded by pure nostalgia – I am in two minds about Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers reboot. 

I’m torn between the over-designed nature of the new suits, the strange new Rita costume and my genuine want to give reboots a chance. But, I can at least say, that I like the look of these newly released character posters.






Character Posters - Press Release

See, these, along with the previous teaser poster, reflect a completely different side to the production. Nothing here is over-designed nonsense. In fact, it’s quite simple, though I can’t help but feel they’d be better with the remainder of their faces not showing – Making them look that much more graphical.

Power Rangers is due out in 2017, and The Werd will be covering it every step of the way!

Sound off below, nervous about the movie?

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