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Brad Reviews ‘Jurassic Sea’

Brad dives into dino-horror novel Jurassic Sea by author Vicktor Zarkov, published by Severed Press, out now in paperback and e-book.

Fresh off of a horrifying trek to a fabled island where dinosaurs nearly killed him, B-list celebrity Colt McKinnon finds himself heading directly back into the world of the unexplained. This time, his new employer is sending him into the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Recent storm surges and electromagnetic anomalies have seen an upswing in strange activity in the area. Happy to dive back into a journey into the unexplained and out of the shadows of the dinosaurs that neatly killed him, Colt happily packs his bags But when the Triangle dumps him into a sea stranded somewhere in the cracks of time, Colt soon learns that he may not be done running from dinosaurs after all.

I was a big fan of this novel’s predecessor Jurassic Island.  That was a full blown, adrenaline fuelled, dinosaur packed schlock fest.  This, by comparison feels much, much slower.  It’s a creative decision that pays off in terms of atmosphere, but leaves it somewhat lacking on the excitement front.  

Jurassic Sea features a very small cast; certainly compared to Jurassic Island.  This is certainly a good decision, as there were so many “extras” in the original novel that it was a) hard to keep track of all of them and b) really hard to care when they were (inevitably) eaten by a T-Rex or a Pteranodon.  The dinosaur count is similarly much smaller, too; although the Cryptoclidus is so awesome it’s hard to care!

Those expecting an adrenaline driven action story will probably be disappointed by this, as this is much more of a sci-fi, investigative driven story.  At times it’s eerie…perhaps even a little creepy…but you won’t be in for any thrill rides. Sometimes the investigation drags a little too much, causing a real lag in the pacing of it as the characters sit around wondering what to do for a little too long.


If you’re ready to change your expectations, you will enjoy Jurassic Sea; just don’t expect it to be a sharksploitation action fest, or a thrill ride; what you have is a strange mystery novel with a few tense moments throw in.  I’m hopeful there will be a third, as there are too many questions left unanswered to leave us hanging like this!




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